The Angry Eye: Blue-Eye Brown-Eye Experiment

Part I:

Part II:


I was thinking that Words of Fire: would be a really useful text for anyone wanting to look more closely at Black Feminist theorization. 


Also, there’s this really exciting thing happening on the internet: The “fast- tailed girls” hashtag on Twitter is a really awesome attack on misogyny, representations of black womanhood, and rape culture. Check it out! 


New York Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio and Chirlaine McCray


Chirlaine McCray was a member of the Combahee River Collective.  The group that published Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology (copy in my office for anyone interested).  The poem that he said made him fall in life with Chirlaine is in that collection and also posted here….very sweet story.  Now I’m in love with Bill too 🙂


Feminism is for Black Men too

Op-Ed: Black Men, are we doing enough to stand with Black women? Feminism is for Black Men too.