Hmmm….new word..Cliteracy..check it out.


7 thoughts on “Hmmm….new word..Cliteracy..check it out.

  1. Monica says:

    “The only human body part that exists solely for pleasure.”

    To me that is incredible, that an organ designed solely for pleasure is so little used/celebrated and has instead been a symbol of shame and a reason to inflict violence. Last May I went to a “clitoris awareness week” talk for new moms and just saying the word — clitoris — felt empowering.

    • Stefani Rubino says:

      I can imagine it must have felt incredibly liberating. There’s so much shame behind the word. I never understood why, but I’ve been in relationships with women who couldn’t listen to me say it, much less say it themselves. But it’s never been something shameful to me, even though I grew up in a family that NEVER talked about sex (to be fair, we didn’t talk about much at all, but still). Now that I’m an adult (and an English teacher–high school kids basically think all poems are about sex), I can’t see how that was possible, but they pulled it off. I think it’s extremely important for women to be educated about (and feel empowered by) their bodies, every single part of them. It’s even more imperative that they never feel afraid to discuss those parts..

  2. This goes hand in hand with Lorde’s chapter on Uses of the Erotic. It’s amazing how much the power of the feminine can be a threat to some, so much so that in certain cultures there is a need to remove/mutilate women to suppress that liberation.

  3. I agree with Fabi. In so many ways, women feel like they are more liberated than ever. But as this article and Lorde reminds us, our feminine independence is very threatening to some.

  4. Danielle says:

    I think the statement “the only human body part that exists solely for pleasure” is potentially problematic in that this particular body part is situated within women. It seems that it can possibly be used in objectifying women by making the argument that women are “naturally” designed for pleasure.

    • Monica says:

      To me this is not problematic at all, and I think part of what Lorde is saying in “Uses of the Erotic” is that we should embrace the source of pleasure that makes us woman. We are all different and should embrace what is unique in ourselves; the fact women have a clitoris only enhances the way we experience life.

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