Similarities Between LGBT and Anti-Black Discriminatory Practices

Click Below to findarticle “Love in Action”  Korintha Mitchell


One thought on “Similarities Between LGBT and Anti-Black Discriminatory Practices

  1. Monica says:

    This is a really interesting article and there were a couple of things that I kept thinking about afterwards. One is the idea of the “everyday violence” that affects marginalized people on an ongoing basis (p. 695). To a certain extent, this kind of aggression that “keeps people down” and limits freedom can be as damaging as the kind of violence that takes lives, because few people are willing to recognize or acknowledge that it is happening. The second point that drew my attention is the idea that just watching/hearing gay-bashing (without condoning it) can reaffirm one’s own heterosexual identity: “a connection is forged over the denigrated queer body (697).” I find this a difficult statement to accept but definitely interesting to think about. How can we reframe the concept of identity so as to not fall, willingly or not, into this trap? When I watch the Ellen video, for example, I don’t feel particularly identified by my heterosexuality. In some ways the space she creates becomes a place in which I too feel like I can belong, regardless of my sexual orientation.

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