Racial Profiling in Philly caught on camera (This is just one incident..sigh!)



One thought on “Racial Profiling in Philly caught on camera (This is just one incident..sigh!)

  1. The amount of RAGE that I felt towards watching/listening to this video is indescribable. As I currently sit here and try to put into words what to make of this, I am reminded that this is just ONE incident, and it’s not even taking place in some of the most commonly “noted” and highly-racist location! I see this and think to myself, no wonder there is so much lack of trust for authority! People of color are STILL dealing with this! There is a point in the video where the cop is trying to play mind games with the two victims (because they ARE victims) and he literally tries to tell the victim who was originally recording what was going on that they stopped him because there is a chance that they received a call describing him as someone who just committed a robbery. As the smart thing to do, the victim asks the cop to search him for stolen goods. Does the cop do that? Of course not. This just comes to show how corrupted this system continues to be. Crooked cops are EVERYWHERE. And as the title says, this is just one incident! God only knows how often these cops have committed the same styled crime.
    I pray for justice in this case. I pray and hope that these young men receive justice and an apology for having to go through such a belittling act. I also pray that the two cops involved in this never see a day with their badge again for feeling as though they are above the law.

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